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Fulton Tree Maintenance has been in business more than 20 years. We specialise in all areas of tree management including tree removal, stump grinding and horizontal grinding and provide a professional and reliable quality of service across Geelong and throughout Victoria. (more…)


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At Fulton Tree Maintenance we pride ourselves on delivering a professional, affordable, reliable and efficient service where your satisfaction is our priority. We offer no-obligation free quotes and are prepared to beat any written quote by 10 percent.

From site clearing and green waste removal to tree trimming in Geelong and district, tree removal and firewood sales, our aim is to provide to you an affordable price and a convenient timeframe. We aim to please and are conveniently located between Melbourne and Geelong.

We service Geelong and the surrounding areas including Bannockburn, Torquay, Ocean Grove, Apollo Bay, Lorne, Warralily, Anakie, Inverleigh, Mount Duneed, Curlewis, Winchelsea, Lara, Queenscliff, St Leonards, Drysdale, Werribee, Anglesea, Moriac, Meredith, Leopold and Armstrong Creek.

Tree pruning, lopping and maintenance

Keep your trees healthy and safe with our tree maintenance services, covering everything from tree pruning to tree lopping. Whether you’ve got an old tree that needs some much-needed attention, or a grove of fruit trees or hardy native varieties, our team has the experience and equipment to have your trees looking and feeling their best.

We can help trim trees to ensure they’re not at risk of hitting powerlines or causing damage to homes and buildings, as well as lop trees to remove damaged or diseased sections and prevent a full tree removal if possible.

Tree removal and stump grinding

No matter if you have one dying tree in your backyard at home, or need a property cleared for a construction project, Fulton Tree Maintenance provides full tree removal and stump grinding in Geelong and surrounds.

Leave tree removal to the experts – we have the machinery to get the job done safely and efficiently, including filling any holes and leaving the site clean and tidy.

Wood chipping and mulching

At Fulton Tree Maintenance, we take pride in being an environmentally aware business. As part of our tree removal and maintenance services, we can clear trees and other green waste to process into our wood chippers for affordable bulk mulch sales.


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At Fulton Tree Maintenance we provide wet equipment hire across Victoria. From excavators and wood shears to industrial wood splitters and horizontal grinders, we offer equipment from respected machinery manufacturers at competitive hire rates.

Tree maintenance, stump removal and site clearing work is best handled by professionals, which is why all hire includes a dedicated and trained operator from the Fulton Tree Maintenance team.

Please contact us for further details about the equipment for hire, including:

Horizontal grinder wet hire

When it comes to stump grinding and site clearing, you can’t beat horizontal grinder wet hire from Fulton Tree Maintenance. We have industry-leading machinery and experienced operators who will travel across Victoria to complete a variety of commercial and industrial projects.

Some of Victoria’s most well-known businesses have taken advantage of our horizontal grinder wet hire for projects from Portarlington to Werribee and everywhere in between.

Industrial wood chipper and wood splitter

Our industrial wood chipper wet hire is perfect for large-scale projects, offering fast, effective and safe mulching. Fulton Tree Maintenance provides an experienced and professional operator with all hire services across Victoria, ensuring your project runs safely, smoothly and on time.

We also provide top-quality industrial wood splitter wet hire, ideal for splitting firewood and allowing us to offer affordable firewood sales.

News & Projects

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The Fulton Tree Maintenance team travels across Geelong, Melbourne, the Bellarine Peninsula and throughout Victoria, providing everything from residential tree pruning to industrial chipping and stump grinding.

We also offer industrial wood splitter and horizontal grinder wet hire for heavy-duty commercial projects.


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Geelong tree pruning, stump grinding and wet hire

Barry Fulton established Fulton Tree Maintenance Service more than 20 years ago in Geelong and it grew rapidly into a family-owned business when joined by his two eldest sons. The business now trades as Fulton Tree Maintenance and is managed by Barry’s middle son, Jordan.

Our team specialises in all areas of domestic, commercial and public tree management, including:

We provide a professional, affordable, reliable and efficient service. No job is too big or too small – whether it be site clearing of the largest block or trimming of the smallest tree. We own a wide range of equipment to complete the work and also offer industrial wood chipper, splitter and horizontal grinder wet hire across Victoria.

Fulton Tree Maintenance operates in Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, the Surf Coast and the western suburbs of Melbourne.

We offer a no-obligation free quote on all jobs and will happily beat any written quote by 10 percent. Our $10 million Liability Insurance protects you and your property, giving you peace of mind.


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Contact Fulton Tree Maintenance in Geelong for tree management services such as tree trimming, stump grinding, bulk mulch sales, firewood splitting and more.

We also provide horizontal grinder and industrial wood chipper wet hire in Victoria, servicing everywhere from Werribee to Apollo Bay, Meredith, Geelong and surrounding areas.

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Thank you for contacting Fulton Tree Maintenance, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


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Services: Horizontal Grinder

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Our larger horizontal grinders are located in Geelong however we service victoria wide. Horizontal grinding is typically used for those larger commercial scale jobs.


The process of horizontal grinding makes it more difficult for debris to escape as was often the case with the older tub grinding process performed by tub grinders. The large industrial sized horizontal grinders we operate mean we can process hundreds of cubic metres of wood, trees and debris in a few hours. Using our excavators and grapples we are able to perform a large range of jobs as required.

Services: Tree Removal

SEO Friendly Title: Tree removal Geelong

Professional tree removal servicing Geelong, Werribee and the Surf Coast

Tree removal is an important property maintenance service and best handled by a professional. The team at Fulton Tree Maintenance has the equipment and experience to safely and efficiently remove trees from your property.

We provide full tree removal for commercial and domestic properties across Geelong and the surrounding areas, stretching from Apollo Bay to Werribee and everywhere in between. No tree removal is too big or small for our team to manage, from handling one tree in your backyard, to removing all trees from a property as part of a site clearing project prior to construction.

Tree removal is an important aspect of property maintenance, and ensures the overall safety of all structures and people on your property.

If left untended, overgrown trees and roots can cause extensive structural damage. Other cases where tree removal is the safest and most affordable option include when ongoing maintenance is becoming too difficult and costly to manage, or damaged or old trees are at risk of falling and endangering people and property.

No matter whether you need full tree removal on a bush block or tree lopping in a Geelong backyard, it’s important to engage a professional and experienced tree removal service. We have the top-quality machinery and industry knowledge to remove everything from a native tree to fruit trees, palm trees or hundred-year-old redgum trees.

At Fulton Tree Maintenance, we take great pride in delivering high-quality services, ensuring we leave the site clean and tidy and minimising hassle for our clients.

We’re passionate about tree maintenance and can also help with tree trimming and stump grinding and removal across Geelong and nearby areas.

Services: Tree Pruning & Maintenance

SEO Friendly Title: Tree maintenance services in Geelong

Trees need regular maintenance and care to flourish. At Fulton Tree Maintenance, we have the experience to expertly care for your trees so they remain healthy, strong and safe. No matter whether you need commercial tree trimming or tree lopping in your backyard or rural property, our team has the equipment to get the job done.

Tree pruning and trimming

Regularly pruning your trees ensures they maintain healthy growth and remain safe. Overgrown trees can cause significant damage to people and property, whether by falling onto buildings or running the risk of hitting powerlines.

From fruit trees to native trees, exotic trees and ancient trees, our tree maintenance team has the equipment to make tree trimming fast and easy. We understand it can be a burden to maintain regular pruning – so we’re happy to step in and help people across Geelong, Werribee and the Surf Coast.

At Fulton Tree Maintenance we specialise in tree climbing, where we can remove safety hazards such as overhanging branches and restore your trees to optimum health.

Tree lopping

As well as regular tree pruning, we can also provide tree lopping services which focus on removing diseased or damaged parts of your trees to maintain overall health, as well as removing sections of the trunk or branches.

In some cases, tree maintenance might not be suitable and our Geelong tree removal service will be necessary – but don’t worry, our team is fully trained and equipped to handle all your commercial, domestic and public tree maintenance.

As part of our tree pruning and trimming service, we can also provide mulching and wood chipping to transform branches, trunks and whole trees into useful garden mulch.

Please contact us for more information about tree maintenance, including horizontal grinder wet hire across Victoria.

Services: Stump Grinding & Removal

SEO Friendly Title: Stump grinding and removal Geelong, Victoria

If you need tree stump removal in Geelong or Victoria wide, talk to the experts at Fulton Tree Maintenance. Our team specialises in fast, affordable and safe stump grinding and removal for rural, domestic, industrial and commercial properties stretching from Apollo Bay to Armstrong Creek, Queenscliff, Werribee and across Victoria.

Stump grinding requires specialist machinery that is best operated by a professional. Don’t run the risk of injury or damage to the environment – simply contact the stump removal experts at Fulton Tree Maintenance.

We’ve worked on tree stump removal projects across Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and throughout country Victoria.

Tree stump removal

As well as full tree removal in Geelong and district, we can also provide stump grinding and removal to clear your property of tree stumps after tree lopping.

Armed with state-of-the-art stump grinding equipment, our team makes quick work of clearing all types of tree stumps, ranging from cypress trees to ancient red gums and fruit trees. We grind the stump below ground level before removing it, ensuring the tree will not grow back to cause issues in future.

The tree stump grinder grinds the tree down into tiny chips for easy removal. After the tree stump is removed, we fill the hole – leaving the site clean, tidy, safe and ready for construction, renovation, landscaping or any other project.

We also offer mulching and wood chipping in Geelong district and further afield so you can re-use your tree and minimise the environmental impact of tree stump removal.

Stump grinder hire

No matter whether you need one tree stump removed or a whole block cleared, we have the equipment available to complete the job safely and efficiently. Ask us about wood shear and stump grinder hire including an experienced operator, plus Victoria-wide industrial wood chipper hire.

Services: Site Clearing

SEO Friendly Title: Geelong green waste removal

Site clearing services

Whether you’ve bought a block of land and want to prepare it for building, or are renovating or landscaping your existing land, Fulton Tree Maintenance offers a wide range of site clearing services and green waste removal across Geelong and throughout Victoria.

Large, established trees have extensive root systems that can pose a hazard and delay project works. No matter whether you’re clearing land for new urban development, farming, levelling or construction, site clearing is an important first step.

In the harsh Australian climate, site clearing also helps protect residential and commercial properties from the risk of bushfires.

At Fulton Tree Maintenance we have a team of trained professionals, equipped with the cutting-edge technology to provide stump grinding, tree stump removal and full tree removal services and green waste removal.

Green waste removal

We have the experience and equipment to leave your site clean, safe and ready for construction. From wood chipping and mulching Geelong district’s old trees to transporting them away for firewood splitting, our team expertly handles all trees, branches and other green waste removal.

Our industrial wood chipper is available for wet hire across Victoria, allowing for environmentally responsible re-purposing of trees and green waste materials collected as part of a site clearing project.

Services: Mulching & Wood Chipping

SEO Friendly Title: Mulching and wood chipping, Geelong and Victoria

Fulton Tree Maintenance are Geelong’s mulching and wood chipping specialists, with industry-leading wood chippers, mulchers and wood splitters to make light work of everything mulching and chipping related, from one tree to industrial chipping.

We believe in environmentally friendly practices and giving back to the environment as part of our tree removal services. So whether our team is stump grinding in Geelong district, tree pruning elsewhere in the state or providing general maintenance, we can also provide a mulching and wood chipping service to transform old, damaged trees into useful garden materials.

Bulk mulch sales

When we clear branches, tree trunks and other green waste away, we transport the material back to our mulching and wood chipping facility for processing and affordable bulk mulch sales.

Mulching is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to look after your garden, delivering important nutrients back into your soil, reducing water usage and soil degradation and promoting healthy growth.

Fulton Tree Maintenance is equipped with industry-leading wood chippers and mulching machines that make light work of trees and green waste and allow us to offer bulk mulch sales for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Industrial chipping and wood chipper wet hire for Victoria

Talk to us about industrial wood chipper wet hire across Victoria. If you’ve got a large-scale industrial site clearing project, our high-end wood chippers, horizontal grinders and wood splitters will get the job done with minimum fuss.

Industrial chipping can be a dangerous process, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals at Fulton Tree Maintenance. Our wet hire includes a trained operator who will travel anywhere in Victoria for industrial chipping projects.

Some of Victoria’s largest organisations have taken advantage of our industrial wood splitter wet hire to complete large-scale projects. We also use the wood splitter to produce high-quality firewood for sale across Geelong and Victoria.

At Fulton Tree Maintenance, we provide end-to-end services, from pruning to green waste removal, industrial chipping and mulching.




Services: Firewood

SEO Friendly Title: Geelong firewood sales and splitting

If you’re looking for firewood sales in Geelong and the surrounding areas, come and see Fulton Tree Maintenance. We have the firewood splitting equipment to handle a variety of wood types and produce high-quality firewood for homes and business throughout Victoria.

Our firewood is sourced from throughout Victoria and provides excellent heating properties. Firewood is a cost-effective method for heating your home or business, with long-lasting burn time for ongoing heating throughout the cold winter months.

Firewood sales

At Fulton Tree Maintenance, we provide firewood sales as a by-product of our tree pruning, green waste removal and Geelong tree removal services. After we remove trees, stumps and other green waste from a site, we process the material through our industrial wood splitter to produce affordable and effective firewood.

Firewood splitting is an important part of our process, ensuring our firewood delivers optimal results. Splitting firewood speeds the drying process by allowing air to fully penetrate the wood, removing all moisture for effective, ongoing burning capacity. We can also split firewood to different shapes and sizes, depending on our customers’ needs.

Splitting firewood is a dangerous task. While you can split your own firewood using an axe or hand-held log splittter, we recommend leaving it to a professional. Our firewood splitting machinery gets the job done safely and efficiently.

If you’re looking for dry, clean firewood for you home, business or industrial facility, take a look at our firewood sales. We stock a range of different wood types to suit your specific needs – just ask our friendly team about what you need.


300-year-old red gum tree removal

Fulton Tree Maintenance was called in to handle a delicate tree removal project for a 300-year-old red gum tree.

Werribee site clearing project with industrial chipping machinery

Our top-quality industrial chipping machinery was put to the test for this large-scale site clearing project in Werribee.

Industrial chipping at Werribee landfill

Our industrial chipping equipment made short work of this project at Werribee landfill.

Tree removal at Portarlington waterfront

What a difference our tree removal team made at this home on Portarlington’s waterfront!