Tree maintenance services in Geelong

Trees need regular maintenance and care to flourish. At Fulton Tree Maintenance, we have the experience to expertly care for your trees so they remain healthy, strong and safe. No matter whether you need commercial tree trimming or tree lopping in your backyard or rural property, our team has the equipment to get the job done.

Tree pruning and trimming

Regularly pruning your trees ensures they maintain healthy growth and remain safe. Overgrown trees can cause significant damage to people and property, whether by falling onto buildings or running the risk of hitting powerlines.

From fruit trees to native trees, exotic trees and ancient trees, our tree maintenance team has the equipment to make tree trimming fast and easy. We understand it can be a burden to maintain regular pruning – so we’re happy to step in and help people across Geelong, Werribee and the Surf Coast.

At Fulton Tree Maintenance we specialise in tree climbing, where we can remove safety hazards such as overhanging branches and restore your trees to optimum health.

Tree lopping

As well as regular tree pruning, we can also provide tree lopping services which focus on removing diseased or damaged parts of your trees to maintain overall health, as well as removing sections of the trunk or branches.

In some cases, tree maintenance might not be suitable and our¬†Geelong tree removal¬†service will be necessary – but don’t worry, our team is fully trained and equipped to handle all your commercial, domestic and public tree maintenance.

As part of our tree pruning and trimming service, we can also provide mulching and wood chipping to transform branches, trunks and whole trees into useful garden mulch.

Please contact us for more information about tree maintenance, including horizontal grinder wet hire across Victoria.