Tree removal Geelong

Professional tree removal servicing Geelong, Werribee and the Surf Coast

Tree removal is an important property maintenance service and best handled by a professional. The team at Fulton Tree Maintenance has the equipment and experience to safely and efficiently remove trees from your property.

We provide full tree removal for commercial and domestic properties across Geelong and the surrounding areas, stretching from Apollo Bay to Werribee and everywhere in between. No tree removal is too big or small for our team to manage, from handling one tree in your backyard, to removing all trees from a property as part of a site clearing project prior to construction.

Tree removal is an important aspect of property maintenance, and ensures the overall safety of all structures and people on your property.

If left untended, overgrown trees and roots can cause extensive structural damage. Other cases where tree removal is the safest and most affordable option include when ongoing maintenance is becoming too difficult and costly to manage, or damaged or old trees are at risk of falling and endangering people and property.

No matter whether you need full tree removal on a bush block or tree lopping in a Geelong¬†backyard, it’s important to engage a professional and experienced tree removal service. We have the top-quality machinery and industry knowledge to remove everything from a native tree¬†to fruit trees, palm trees or hundred-year-old redgum trees.

At Fulton Tree Maintenance, we take great pride in delivering high-quality services, ensuring we leave the site clean and tidy and minimising hassle for our clients.

We’re passionate about tree maintenance and can also help with tree trimming and stump grinding and removal across Geelong and nearby areas.