Geelong firewood sales and splitting

If you’re looking for firewood sales in Geelong and the surrounding areas, come and see Fulton Tree Maintenance. We have the firewood splitting equipment to handle a variety of wood types and produce high-quality firewood for homes and business throughout Victoria.

Our firewood is sourced from throughout Victoria and provides excellent heating properties. Firewood is a cost-effective method for heating your home or business, with long-lasting burn time for ongoing heating throughout the cold winter months.

Firewood sales

At Fulton Tree Maintenance, we provide firewood sales as a by-product of our tree pruning, green waste removal and Geelong tree removal services. After we remove trees, stumps and other green waste from a site, we process the material through our industrial wood splitter to produce affordable and effective firewood.

Firewood splitting is an important part of our process, ensuring our firewood delivers optimal results. Splitting firewood speeds the drying process by allowing air to fully penetrate the wood, removing all moisture for effective, ongoing burning capacity. We can also split firewood to different shapes and sizes, depending on our customers’ needs.

Splitting firewood is a dangerous task. While you can split your own firewood using an axe or hand-held log splittter, we recommend leaving it to a professional. Our firewood splitting machinery gets the job done safely and efficiently.

If you’re looking for dry, clean firewood for you home, business or industrial facility, take a look at our firewood sales. We stock a range of different wood types to suit your specific needs – just ask our friendly team about what you need.