Geelong green waste removal

Site clearing services

Whether you’ve bought a block of land and want to prepare it for building, or are renovating or landscaping your existing land, Fulton Tree Maintenance offers a wide range of site clearing services and green waste removal across Geelong and throughout Victoria.

Large, established trees have extensive root systems that can pose a hazard and delay project works. No matter whether you’re clearing land for new urban development, farming, levelling or construction, site clearing is an important first step.

In the harsh Australian climate, site clearing also helps protect residential and commercial properties from the risk of bushfires.

At Fulton Tree Maintenance we have a team of trained professionals, equipped with the cutting-edge technology to provide stump grinding, tree stump removal and full tree removal services and green waste removal.

Green waste removal

We have the experience and equipment to leave your site clean, safe and ready for construction. From wood chipping and mulching Geelong¬†district’s old trees to transporting them away for firewood splitting, our team expertly handles all trees, branches and other green waste removal.

Our industrial wood chipper is available for wet hire across Victoria, allowing for environmentally responsible re-purposing of trees and green waste materials collected as part of a site clearing project.